Keep It Simple Home Business With One Range, One Demo, One Webinar

Webinar marketing can be a bit tricky with all the strategies out there. The hardest thing to figure out is when to start. If you start advertising too soon, some people will forget about your webinar. If you don’t give people enough notice, they won’t be able to attend. Here are a few pointers on how to get the most out of your Webinar marketing strategy.

With a webinar you don’t have to worry about setting up a website. Just imagine all that hassle dealing with website design, html and hosting. All that stuff you’ve been told to do to build a business, you don’t need right now. You can worry about that later when the bank manager is happy!

Secondly never try to prospect someone you don’t even know by starting out with “Hey do me a favor look at my opportunity” especially without even introducing yourself or addressing the prospect by name.

Marketing is what gets the clients through the door. Remember that you are a marketer that just happens to be a specialist at what ever activity it is you do.

In order to succeed in, you need to work within a niche. The more specific your niche is the better. It is extremely helpful to work with a mailing house that specializes in your niche. When they understand and have experience with your niche, you are much more likely to have success using them to fill your seminars.

Then look at ways you can help prospects turn their “no” into a “yes.” Above all, be persistent. Keep inviting prospects to attend your training. When someone’s “not right now” becomes “OK, I want to proceed,” you want to be there ready to take the registration.

But your business may be different (but not unique, marketing strategies are marketing strategies). So test for yourself, use the techniques that work best with your U.S.P. and clearly targeted market… and watch your profits soar.

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