Trey Smith Software

The New York Times calls the Iphone App store the Next Gold Rush

Trey Smith looked to turn his passion of video games into creating software apps even though he’s not a game designer or fancy pants programmer.

Trey is an effective marketer…

So, Trey used his marketing skills to find a programmer to develop a cool iphone app.

Within a couple of months, Trey introduced Kolo’s Journey to the world which is getting rave reviews from the app store and will be profitable within two weeks of rolling it out.

Trey explains why 99% of app creators don’t make money and how to create a profiable web presence.

Trey’s goal is now to create 12 new software apps over the next 12 months and he’s now showing you how he’s going to do it. Alls you have to do is go to -Trey Smith Software

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