Video Sales Letter Formula

The good ‘ole days of writing a long form, fancy sales letter is a thing of the past and Ryan Deiss proves it with the Video Sales Letter Formula.

The fact is this is one of the biggest reasons why people fail online – writing good copy is tough to do and customers hate reading them.

As Ryan points out – videos are “the new” sales letters – simple screen capture videos where you don’t even have to show your face.  It can simply be a powerpoint or keynote presentation.

They’re very simple to do and you don’t need any mind “ninja” powers – you simply talk and record the screen.

Plus according to Ryan’s test – he’s been able to triple the conversions (321% to be exact) from the traditional old form sales letters.

Don’t make the same mistake and adapt to the new media.

Watch the video that you see here -


Plus, when you order Ryan’s Video Sales Letter Formula, we’ll throw in the following bonuses:

Bonus # 1

Bonus #2

Simply, forward your receipt on the contact page and we’ll send you these incredible bonuses.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to be a world class copywriter, your customers expect and love video, and video can be finished in less than a day as opposed to spending 3-4 weeks writing copy or waiting on your copywriter.

Don’t worry because with Ryan Deiss’s Video Sales Letter Formula – he’ll show you the 12 step template to cranking out high converting videos in no time flat.

He shows you how to touch your readers on an emotional level without being pushy or sleazy.

Watch the video by clicking here.

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