Game Changer DNA Dan Kennedy Bonus

This is my Game Changer DNA Bonus package for Dan Kennedy’s upcoming launch of Game Changer DNA.

Ready to skip to the official site?

My goal for this bonus package is simple – to arm you with the best package to start making money with your investment in Dan Kennedy’s Game Changer DNA.  If you’re looking for toys or gadgets, this isn’t for you, this is the real deal to help you get customers and build your own herd.

I think you’ll agree this is hands down the best bonus on the net.

Game Changer DNA Bonus # 1

Game Changer DNA BonusWe’ll build your first 2 websites that are geared to rank high in the search engines, getting your more traffic resulting in more customers.  These can be for either an online or offline business model.  Let my team handle all of the geek stuff so you can focus on making money.

Value – $997

Game Changer DNA Bonus # 2

Game Changer DNA Bonus # 2Once we build your 2 websites, I’ll also have my team build you links to your website from High Authority websites.  This is the secret to get you to the top of the Search Engines and stay on top.

Value – $997 Bonus # 3 – Two (2) Coaching Calls

You’ll receive 2 Personal One on One coaching calls where we’ll discuss your online marketing strategy and the best way to get traffic and generating revenue in the fastest time possible.  Regardless if your focusing on offline business or online, you’ve got to have a strategy for marketing online and social media and these private coaching calls will do just that.

Value $997

Bonus # 4 -  1 Complete Kickstart Marketing Package – Value – $1997

This bonus is our Complete Kickstart Marketing Fast Action Bonus and is so big and time intensive we’re having to limit this to the first 5 orders.   We have 4 packages left.

To Get Your Game Changer DNA Bonus, here’s all you have to do…

  1. Clear Your Cookies. (I must get credit for the sale.)
  2. Order Game Changer DNA by clicking this link here
  3. Forward your receipt by using the Contact Page here on my site.
  4. All physical bonus products or services will be sent after the refund period has expired without a refund request.
  5. You’ll receive the digital products as soon as your order is verified.


Game Changer DNA is the compilation of Dan Kennedy’s best work for commanding influence and communicating with maximum impact for growing businesses.

Now, in case you’re unaware – Dan Kennedy is the legend behind legends in the marketing world recognized as the “millionaire maker”.

It seems every information marketer on the planet credits Dan in some way for helping them craft their business from the likes of Ron Legrand to Frank Kern.

Here’s some testimonials for Dan Kennedy -

Dan  Kennedy along with Bill Glazer is the mastermind behind the super successful GKIC ( Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle) which influences over 1 million independent business owners anually.

Dan is a multiple best selling author of his NO BS books series and has appeared on some of the biggest speaking stages in the world right up there with 4 former US Presidents and celebrity figures such as Donald Trump and Gene Simmons.

Dan Kennedy and GKIC which was primarily an offline marketer who’s successfully made the switch to marketing online and recently reported an additional 7 figures in less than 278 days using social and alternative media marketing.

The fact is there’s no one person on the planet that’s better for you to learn from…

And Dan’s Game Changer DNA will share the secrets to his massive success and give you real strategies and what goes on in his brain to create a lasting business that prospers regardless of what goes on in the economy or in today’s marketplace.

I’d love to hear your feedback, questions and concerns and how I can help you in your business.



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  1. Michelle Lerry says:

    Dan Kennedy and his Game Changer DNA is at the top of all available online marketing guide ever. Honestly, in my 3 years in online marketing this is the first time that I am extremely dumbfounded listening to a man expounding all the truths he learned so far and how we can all be a part in changing our overall marketing and business tactics for the better.

    Dan is definitely the man to run to and we can have him on our side.

  2. Karen says:

    I understand that one of the problems a new marketer and online entrepreneur could be facing is information overload which can lead to what Dan Kennedy called as shining object syndrome. As a young online seller, I know my market but I failed to really grasp on how to take advantage of my big market. Dan’s game changer dna is the real solution for my problem and I am sure this would be a blast.

  3. Aki says:

    Paul, you have a nice review here for Dan Kennedy and his Game Changer DNA. I am already with this program — unfortunately it is too late for me to know that you are offering very attractive bonuses if I could have bought it under you. This program is really terrific and so down-to-earth even a teenager could easily follow.

  4. Aaliyah Johnson says:

    I only follow those people who are really successful in their field of expertise and who are not selfish enough to share to others their proven techniques of success. Only success can breeds more success. This is proven by the very colorful life of Dan Kennedy and now that he has successfully created a magnificent name for himself, people are taking notice and one of those. The influence of Dan Kennedy can be felt with those people he has helped and will continue to mold to be online millionaires. People who have what it takes to be part of the millionaire’s club should listen to Dan and his opus Game Changer DNA. I am ready in.

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